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2014年7月29日 (Hong Kong)
   Doctor of Philosophy / Master of Philosophy    
Modes of Study
Both the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degree programmes may be pursued either on a full-time or a part-time mode.
Fields of Study
At the Hong Kong Baptist University, the selection of areas of study and research is based on the student's interests and the University's resources. To assist prospective students in identifying possible options, a list of disciplines/fields of study offered by the respective departments for this recruitment exercise follows. (Headings with asterisks(*) offer supervision at both PhD and MPhil levels, while the rest only at MPhil level.)
Chinese Language and Literature (CHI)*
Chinese Language; Etymology; Classical Chinese Literature; Modern Chinese Literature; Chinese Literary Theory and Criticism; Chinese Religion and Philosophy
English Language and Literature (ENG)*
Linguistics/Language Studies
Applied Linguistics; Bilingualism; Forensic Linguistics; Intercultural Communication; Language Acquisition; Semantics; Sociolinguistics; Syntax; Text/Discourse Analysis
Literary Studies
Children’s Literature; Chinese-Western Comparative Literature; Cultural Theory; Identity & Diaspora in Literature; Literature and Film; New Literatures in English; Nineteenth-Century Literature; Renaissance Literature; Twentieth-Century Literature; Victorian Literature
Translation Studies
Language Centre (LC)
Syntax; Morphology; Phonology; Semantics; Spoken and Written Discourse
First and Second Language Acquisition (Chinese and English)
Applied Linguistics
Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language; Teaching Chinese (Including Teaching Putonghua); Syllabus and Course Design; Communication Skills and Strategies
Bilingual and Bicultural Education; Hong Kong English; Intercultural Communication; Cultural Awareness
Music and Fine Arts (MUS)*
Music Education; Choral Conducting; Piano Pedagogy; Western and Chinese Music History; Music Composition; Music Analysis; Music Technology and Music Culture in Hong Kong
Religion and Philosophy (REL)*
Christian Studies
Biblical Studies and Biblical Theology; History of Christian Thought; Contemporary Theology; Chinese Theology; Philosophical Theology; Moral Theology; Christian Social Ethics; Christian Spirituality; Christianity and Chinese Culture; Systematic Theology
Religious Studies
Chinese Religion; Comparative Religion; Theory of Religion; Religion and Modern Society
History of Western Philosophy; History of Chinese Philosophy; Contemporary Philosophy; Epistemology; Metaphysics; Philosophy of Religion; Moral Philosophy; Applied Ethics; Social and Political Philosophy; Comparative Philosophy; Religion and Modern Science
Humanities Studies (Interdisciplinary) (HUM)
Gender Studies; Cultural Studies; Arts and Aesthetics; Postmodernism, Post-Colonialism, Comparative Studies
Translation (TRAN)
History of Translation; Translation Theory; Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Translation Theory; Applied Translation Studies; Legal Interpreting; Legal Translation; Power and Interpreting; Power and Translation; Gender and Translation; Discourse Analysis; Drama translation; Translation and the performing arts; Translation and postmodernism; Translating texts of traditional Chinese Medicine into English; Translation Pedagogy; Professionalism and translating; Translation and Intuition

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