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 I. Education
  • June 1983, B.Sc. (Electrical Engineering), University of Hong Kong
  • June 1985, Diploma in Education, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • July 1989, B.D. with First Class Honour, University of Aberdeen
  • June 1991, M. Phil. in Philosophical Theology, Oxford University
  • July 1993, D. Phil. (Oxon)- Philosophy of Religion, Oxford University
 II. Working Experience
Summer 1982 Summer Trainee, ASM Plating Co. Ltd.
Sep 83-Aug 84 Science and Maths. Teacher, Matteo Ricci College, Shumshuipo Branch, HK
Sep 85-Aug 86 Science and Maths. Teacher, Carmel Alison Lam Foundation Secondary School, HK
Sep 93-Jan 95 Head, Training Department, Fellowship of Evangelical Students, HK
 III. Professional Experience
Feb 94-Jan 95

Part-time Lecturer, Baptist University
Teaching "Philosophy of the Christian Religion"

Jan 94-Jun 94

Part-time Lecturer, Baptist Theological Seminary
Teaching "Philosophy of Religion"

Feb 94-Jan 95


Part-time Lecturer, Baptist Theological Seminary
Teaching "Introduction to Philosophy"

Oct 94-Aug 95 Part-time Tutor, Open Learning Institute
Teaching "Logic and Methodology" and "Religious Quest"
Sept 95-Dec 95 Part-time Lecturer, Department of Religion, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Teaching "Christian Foundations"
Sept 95-Dec 95 Part-time Lecturer, Chinese Graduate School of Theology
Teaching "Apologetics"
Jan 96-Jun 96 Lecturer, Theology Division, Department of Religion, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Teaching "Humanity and Salvation", "Philosophy of Religion" and "Faculty-Student Seminar"
Sept 96-Aug 04 Assistant Professor, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Baptist University
Teaching "Introduction to Christianity", "Philosophy of Christian Religion", "Religion and Modern Science", "History of Christian Thought", "Philosophy of Religion", "East-West Philosophy", "Introduction to Philosophy", etc.
Sept 04 till now Associate Professor, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Baptist University
 IV. Academic Record
1) Hong Kong Certificate Education Examination, May 1978
  • A-grade in Physics, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Chinese
  • B-grade in Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, English
2) Hong Kong Advanced Level, May 1980
  • A-grade in Physics, Use of English
  • B-grade in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics
  • D-grade in Chemistry
3) B.Sc. (Electrical Engineering), June 1983
  • Second Class Honour Division Two
4) Diploma in Education, June 1985
  • Overall grade B+
5) Toefl Test in English, 1986: Score 650
6) B. D. with First Class Honour, July 1989, University of Aberdeen
  • First year: first in class in Greek, Hebrew, Systematic Theology I, New Testament I, Old Testament I, Practical Theology I, History of Religions I; second in class in Church History I. All First Class Certificates. Prizes in Hebrew, New Testament, Greek, Systematic Theology and Practical Theology.
  • Second year: first in class and prize in Church Histroy 2.1, Old Testament 2.1, Practical Theology 2.1, Systematic Theology 2.1 and 2.2. First Class Certificates in New Testament 2.2 and 2.3.
    (A First Class Certificate means a mark of over 75% and a position among the top few in class.)
  • Third year: single honour in Systematic Theology (6 written papers and a dissertation on "Natural Theology and the Argument from Design"). Prize in Systematic Theology and First Class Honour.
7) M. Phil. in Philosophical Theology, June 1991, Oxford University.
  • 3 Written Papers:
a) Philosophy of Religion- taught by Professor Richard Swinburne
b) History of Philosophical Theology- taught by Dr. Brian Davies and Dr. David Brown
c) Philosophy of Science- taught by Mr. Rom Harre
  • M. Phil. Thesis on "The Application of the Principle of Credulity to the Evaluation of Religious Experience"
    Supervisor: Professor Richard Swinburne, Oriel College
8) D. Phil. (Oxon) in the field of Philosophy of Religion, July 1993.
  • Title: "The Application of the Principle of Critical Trust to the Evaluation of Theistic Experience."
    Supervisor: Professor Richard Swinburne
 V.Teaching Assignments And Results (BAPTIST UNIVERSITY)

1) I have taught altogether sixteen courses during this period:

RP 1010 Introduction to Philosophy
RP 1050 Introduction to Christianity
RP 2040 Philosophy of Christian Religion
RP 2090 Religion and Modern Science
RP 1150 Philosophy of Life in Existentialism
RP 1140 Philosophy and the Meaning of Life
RP 1440 Sexuality and Christian Values
REL 1260 Approaches to the Study of Religion
REL 1290 Quest for Truth and Meaning
REL 2240 History of Christian Thought
REL 3210 Philosophy of Religion
REL 3220 Comparative Religious Themes
RP 3610 Comparative Philosophy East and West
REL 4010 Graduate Seminar
REL 4060 Advanced Required Readings
REL 3990 Selected Topics in Religious Studies

2) The range of subjects I teach is quite wide: both philosophy and religion CS subjects (including the interdisciplinary subject RP 2090/1180); religious studies major courses on Christian theology, Western philosophy, philosophy of religion, and comparative religion. The subjects I teach also range from Level One to Level Three.
3) In view of the current atmosphere in Hong Kong and students' relatively low motivation to study, I take seriously the challenge of developing an effective pedagogy. For example, in teaching "Religion and Modern Science," I prepare coloured transparencies, video-tapes, questionnaire, good illustrations, and even jokes for the students in order to keep up their interests.
4) One example of my effort to improve my pedagogical effectiveness is the preparation of several PowerPoint packages for teaching purposes. I got a Teaching Development Grant (Ref. TDG/9900/IV/3) for this. The duration of the project is from March 2000 to February 2001. The funding allocated is HK$5,000. The Project title is "Preparation of PowerPoint Presentation for the Subjects RP 2090: Religion and Modern Science and RP 1010: Introduction to Philosophy."
5) I also sympathize with the limitations of students, and try to meet their needs. So I often meet with the presenters before the tutorials, and answer their questions. In many cases, I have to patiently explain the tutorial readings to them, and teach them the basic skills of presentation.
6) I usually have a friendly relationship with the students. Many of them like to talk to me even after several years. Some students even come to ask me questions about their emotional problems. I try to help the students as much as possible. For example, for the subject REL 3220, I have invited all the presenters, group by group, to my home for a meal before the tutorials, building up relationship and answering their questions about the tutorial readings. I have done so for many years already.
7) On the whole, my teaching evaluation results are quite good. For many years, the average of my scores to each question is above the average of the subject code averages (except Q8 and Q15 which concern the pace and the workload). In particular, I tend to have significantly higher scores on questions 4 and 6 (concerning effective communication and stimulation of students' interest) relative to the subject code average. Almost all students (with the possible exception of a few in each class) tend to view the learning experience positively. Quite a few in each class praise me highly as I gather from their written comments. I also received several thank-you cards or Christmas cards from the students.
8) During the second semester of 1997-1998 and the first semester of 1999-2000, I have also joined the SEEQ evaluation exercise. The results in both cases also turned out to be quite good.
  • For the second semester of 1997-1998, the overall class rating is 6.675 and the overall lecturer rating is 6.925. ("5" means average, "7" means good, and "9" means very good.)
  • For the first semester of 1999-2000, the overall class rating is 6.87, and the overall lecturer rating is 6.77.
  • These results are consistent with the other teaching evaluation results.
9) Another example is my teaching evaluation results in the year 2009-10. They are very good, and some students have very positive feedback. The average scores of Q1-7 for each of the above subjects are listed below (the maximum score is 5):
  • RP 1150 (1) Philosophy of Life in Existentialism 4.41
  • RP 1150 (2) Philosophy of Life in Existentialism 4.11
  • REL 3220 Comparative Religious Themes 3.91
  • REL 3210 (1) Philosophy of Religion 3.93
  • RP 1440 (1) Sexuality & Christian Values 4.17
  • RP 1440 (2) Sexuality & Christian Values 4.22
In general, almost no students answer negatively by choosing D or E (at most two, sometimes none). The overwhelming majority of all the classes choose either A and B when answering these seven questions. Their written comments are also on the whole quite positive.
10) In the Exit Questionnaire on the Religious Studies Graduates 2008-2009, Question 6 is like this: "Looking back at your 3-year university life, which three courses (including Non-Major courses) did you find most beneficial?" In answering this question, 5 out of the 23 students who responded named "REL 3990 Selected Topic/Readings in Religious Studies: God, Evil & the Meaning of Life," a subject I taught them in their final year (08-09). This is one of the two courses which received the largest number of "votes."
In general, almost no students answer negatively by choosing D or E (at most two, sometimes none). The overwhelming majority of all the classes choose either A and B when answering these seven questions. Their written comments are also on the whole quite positive.

For a fuller explanation of my teaching philosophy, teaching methods and teaching results, and the relevant documentation, please see my teaching portfolio.

Supervision of Undergraduate Students' Honours Projects
1) Three honours projects (1997-1998) on "Spinoza's pantheism", "Feuerbach's atheism" and "Kierkegaard on becoming a Christian".
2) Three honours projects (1998-1999) on "John Hick's soul-making theodicy", "John Hick's religious pluralism", and "Freud's critique of religion".
3) Two honours projects (1999-2000) on 《從基督徒倫理的角度反思色情文化》 and 《基督教在後現代文化中的反思》
4) Three honours projects (2000-2001) on 《探討約翰溫伯(John Wimber) 及其批評者就聖靈恩賜觀所產生之爭議》, 《探討神導進化論的思想》and 《批評尼采對基督教的批判》
5) Two honours projects (2001-2002) on 《論基督教福音派對同性戀的倫理立場》and 《後現代性的倫理觀對基督教的挑戰》
6) Two honours projects (2002-2003) on《論蓋爾曼(Jerome Gellman)的宗教經驗論證》and 《探討娼妓合法化的爭論對基督教性倫理的挑戰》
7) Principal supervisor of three honours projects (04-05): Ip Yui Ting(葉銳霆) ,《 佛烈采(Joseph Fletcher) 的處境倫理學的研究》;Chan Kai Shing(陳啟成) ,《探討現代社會婚姻的問題對基督教福音派離婚觀的挑戰》;Leung Cheuk Lam(梁焯霖), "The Challenge of Foucault's Ides of "Power/Truth" to Christian Ethics"
8) Principal supervisor of three honours projects (05-06): 陳家樑,《彼得.伯格(Peter Berger) 論基督教信仰應如何回應世俗化進程》;趙庭欣,《杜斯妥也夫斯基論上帝與道德之關係》;余鎮宇,《論沙特的無神論思想》
9) Principal supervisor of four honours projects (06-07):
  • Chan Pak Hei, A Study of the Atheism of Nietzsche
  • Fan Cheuk Pan, A Study of Albert Camus' Atheistic Existentialist Philosophy of Absurdity
  • Lau Cheuk Kei, The Divine-Human Relation in New Age Monistic Thought
    Wu Pui Yee, A Study of Kierkegaard's View of Sin & Human Existence
10) Principal supervisor of three honours projects (07-08):
  • Chan Suk Yee, 從基督教角度探討香港色情文化中的女性形象
  • Lau Ka Man, 論香港基督教對《性傾向歧視法》的爭論
  • Lee Yee Ting Ivy, A Study of Kafka's View of God
11) Principal supervisor of one honours project (09-10):
  • Lam Cheuk Kit, Gay Marriage
12) Principal supervisor of three honours projects (10-11):
  • Lo Wing Chuen, 淫褻管制條例與言論自由
  • Kao Chung Yan, 娼妓合法化的爭議
  • Chu Wai Fan, 公平貿易
13) Principal supervisor of three honours projects (11-12):
  • 徐小玲, 援交
  • 陳朗欣, 變性人婚姻
  • 李紅, 家暴條例
Teaching Duties for the MA in Liberal Studies and Ethics
1) I have taught three courses (co-teaching with other colleagues):
  • LSE 7040 Values and Socio-cultural Issues in Hong Kong Today
  • LSE 7090 Religion and Liberal Studies
  • LSE 7100 Cross-modular Topics in Liberal Studies
2) The teaching evaluation results for the above course have been consistently very positive.
3) Supervision of dissertations
Supervision of Postgraduate Research Students
1) Co-supervisor of a M. Phil. student, Chiu Sung-ming (who is later transferred to the Ph.D. programme) from September 1996 to August 2001. He has finished a Ph.D. thesis on Colin Gunton's theology of modern culture.
2) Principal Supervisor of a M. Phil. student, Cheung Kwok-tung, from September 1998 to August 2001. He has finished a thesis on Alvin Plantinga's epistemology.
3) Principal Supervisor of a Ph.D. student, Ouyang Sutong (歐陽肅通), who worked on a thesis about the political theology of Reinhold Neibuhr, since March 2001. He was awarded the doctoral degree in September 2005.
4) Principal Supervisor of a Ph.D. student, He Zhiyong (賀志勇), who worked on a thesis about the Intelligent Design Movement since May 2001. He was awarded the doctoral degree in 2006.
5) Co-supervisor of a M. Phil. student, Ng Wing Hong, who worked on a thesis about Christianity and liberalism, since September 2001. (He was awarded the masters degree in 2007.)
6) Principal Supervisor (from July 2004 to May 2009) of a Ph.D. student, Jiang Xulin (江緒林). He has finished a thesis about the political thought of John Rawls.
7) Principal Supervisor (from January 2005 to May 2009) of a Ph.D. student, Andrew Hung (洪子雲). He has finished a thesis about the anthropology and social thought of Charles Taylor.
8) Principal Supervisor (since September 2007) of a Ph.D. student, Yu Wen (于雯), who is working on a thesis about the theology of Colin Gunton.
9) Principal Supervisor (since October 2007) of a Ph.D. student, Li Tie (李鐵), who has worked on a thesis about the idea of public reason of John Rawls. Due to severe family problems, he withdrew from his study in March 2010.
10) Principal Supervisor(since November 2008) of a Ph.D. student, Jiang Tingcui(姜廷翠), who was working on the thesis: "John Zizioulas' Personalist Ontology And Its Significance"
11) Principal Supervisor(since September 2010) of a Ph.D. student, Huang Luping (王路蘋), who is working on the thesis about Reinhold Niebhur's anthropology and doctrine of sin.
 VII. Publications
    Articles in Refereed Journals
  • 關啟文,〈理性的困境與相對主義的迷思〉,《中國神學研究院期刊》22期,1997年1月號,頁59-95。

  • Kai-man Kwan, "Thomas Kuhn's Philosophy of Science and Rationality in the Liberal Arts Tradition," ACUCA Exchange, vol.VIII no.1, June 1998, pp.85-147.

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    Book Chapters/ Encyclopedia Articles

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  • 關啟文、李耀強,〈網絡世界的色情文化與青少年成長〉,載胡少偉主編,《網絡世界下的青少年成長》,香港:香港教育工作者聯會,2009年6月,頁81-92。
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  • I have a wide range of research interests and competence: epistemology, social philosophy, philosophy of science, postmodernism, management science, ethics, theology, philosophy of religion and sociology of religion. They can be grouped under five foci which are interconnected: Postmodernism; Ethics and social philosophy; Philosophy of science; Philosophy of religion; Systematic theology

  • In this age of specialization, I regard the development of a comprehensive perspective which can unite diverse and often dichotomized academic fields a corrective and a strength. Of course, I am only working towards this goal.

    Sole-Authored Books:

  • 關啟文,《我信故我思—真理路上的摰誠探索》,香港:基督徒學生福音團契,1998年9月。(This is a book written for undergraduates and graduates. Although the book is presented in an accessible way for the general readers, the contents of parts (ii) to (iv) are academic. This is written as a textbook for religion and philosophy subjects in a university setting. I deem it an urgent task because the students now prefer reading Chinese materials but suitable academic materials in Chinese are not easy to find. Part (iii) (around 90 pages) is written with the course RP 2090 "Religion and Modern Science" in mind, and it provides a survey of the contemporary dialogue between science and religion which can rarely be found in other Chinese materials. Parts (ii) and (iv) are suitable for courses like "Philosophy of Christian Religion", "Philosophical Issues in Religion," "Philosophy of Religion," etc.)
  • 關啟文,《「是非」、「曲直」──對人權、同性戀的倫理反思》,香港:宣道出版社,2000年7月。(This is an academic treatise on the socio-ethical issues of human rights, homosexuality, and their interrelationship.) [A second edition of this book published in May 2005- extensively revised and enlarged.]
  • 關啟文,《上帝、世俗社會與道德的基礎》,香港:天道,2006年4月。(This an academic treatment of the question about the foundations of morality; related to both philosophy of religion and moral philosophy.)
  • 關啟文,《基督教倫理與自由世俗社會》,香港:天道,2007年3月。(A book on "Christian ethics & the secular free society"
  • 關啟文,《力挽狂潮──席捲全球的性解放運動.英國與香港個案考察》,香港:宣道,2007年10月。(A book on "The Sexual Revolution- A Study of Cases in UK & Hong Kong")
  • Kai-man Kwan, The Rainbow of Experiences, Critical Trust, and God: A Defense of Holistic Empiricism (New York: Continuum, October 2011).

    Books Edited:


  • 關啟文、張國棟主編,《後現代文化與基督教》,香港:學生福音團契出版社,2002年10月。
  • 關啟文、洪子雲主編,《愛與慾─基督教性神學初探》,香港:基道,2003年3月。
  • 關啟文、洪子雲主編,《重尋真性》,香港:學生福音團契出版社,2003年12月。
  • 關啟文、戴耀廷、康貴華等著,《平權?霸權?—審視同性戀議題》,香港:天地圖書,2005年10月。
  • 關啟文主編,《基督教價值與人文精神:歷史、對話與前瞻》,香港浸會大學中華基督宗教研究中心,2006年3月。(On 'Christian Values and the Humanistic Spirit.")
  • 關啟文、張穎珊、吳永康編,《盡你的心智愛神──基督教世界觀初探》,香港基督徒學術論壇供稿,香港:天道書樓,2011年5月。
  • These six academic books on the areas of "Christian Theology and Postmodernism" (the first one), "Christian Theology and Sexual ethics" (the next three), and "Christian Worldview" (the last two).. They are also pioneering works in Chinese scholarship in these areas.

    Other Published Manuscript

  • 關啟文編寫,《「了解及面對色情文化」教材套 》,香港:基督徒關注色情文化聯委會,1997年5月。

    Book Reviews and Research Notes

  • Kai-man Kwan, "Review of John Polkinghorne's Reason and Reality: The Relationship between Science and Theology." Themelios, Vol.18 No.3, April 1993, pp.31-32.

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  • Kai-man Kwan, "Review of Richard Swinburne, Providence and the Problem of Evil (Oxford: Clarendon, 1998)." Oriel Record 1999, pp.72-73, 75. (Oriel Record is the annual publication of Oriel College, University of Oxford.)

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  • Kai-man Kwan, "Revisiting Alan Goldman's Plain Sex View: A Critical Reflection on the Meaning of Sex," in the international conference on "The Family and Sexual Ethics: Christian Foundations and Public Values," May 26-27, 2011, co-organized by the Centre for Sino-Christian Studies of Hong Kong Baptist University & the Relationships Global, Cambridge.
  • 關啟文,「社會脈動下對家庭結構的衝擊」專題演講,「台灣走出埃及輔導協會」主辦,2011年7月15日,台北。(Invited)
  • 關啟文,〈當代科學哲學與宗教的合理性〉,「終極關切:哲學與宗教」宗教哲學青島論壇,中國社會科學院世界宗教研究所主辦,2011年8月23-26日,山東青島。(Invited)
 VIII. Scholarly / Research-Related Activities
1) One Fundable RGC Project
  • With Dr. Kang Phee Seng as the principal investigator and myself as the co-investigator, we have applied for the RGC Grant (1998-1999) [reference no. HKBU 2006/98H]
  • The topic is: "A Study of the Concepts of Rationality and Objectivity in Contemporary Dialogue between Science and Religion, with a Preliminary Exploration of its Significance in the Chinese Context."
  • Although the project is not actually funded, all the reviewers support our project and it is rated as fundable.
2) I got a Faculty Research Grant Category I [FRG/00-01/I-06]. The topic is "A Study of the Debate between Liberalism and Communitarianism, and its Implications for the Public Role of Religion in Modern Society." I am the only investigator. The funding allocated is $35,140. This project has been accomplished by September 2002.
3) I got a Faculty Research Grant Category II [FRG/00-01/II-09]. The topic is "A Study of the Concept of Rationality in the Realist Tradition in Contemporary Dialogue between Science and Religion." Dr. Kang Phee Seng is the Principal Investigator and I am the Co-investigator. The funding allocated is $115,000.
4) I was actively involved in the "Christianity in the East Asian Context" Research Program (September 1997-August 1999), LEWI, Hong Kong Baptist University.
5) I have collaborated with colleagues in the Centre for Sino-Christian studies and several prominent mainland Chinese scholars on a research project: "Christianity and Humanism." This project is almost finished, and the findings will be published in a book (in Chinese) in the near future. This book would be a significant contribution to contemporary Chinese scholarship in the fields of philosophy and Christian studies. I am responsible for the writing of four chapters in this book:
  • "From Humanism to Anti-Humanism."
  • "An Evaluation of Secular Humanism."
  • "An Evaluation of Secularist Ethics."
  • "Towards a Christian Humanism."
  • All the articles (over 100,000 words) have been finished.
 V. Contribution Towards Service
1) Service for the University:
  • Arts Faculty Representative to the Working Group on Effectiveness of the Teaching Evaluation Exercise (from May 1999- May 2000)
  • I was the speaker of the University Forum on September 24, 2002. The topic was "Popular Culture and the Meaning of Life." The response of the year-one BU students was in general very good.
  • Baptist University's representative to the Hong Kong Examinations & Assessment Authority (HKEAA) Subject committee of Ethics & Religious Studies (Sixth Form) (1 August 2010-31 December 2013)
2) Faculty Administration
  • 1996-1999: Arts Faculty Library Sub-Committee
  • 2003-2004: Arts Faculty Board Meeting Secretary
3) Department Administration
  • 1996-1997: Library Liaison (Co-ordinator) ; Mentor for Year One Students.
  • 1997-1998: Library Liaison (Co-ordinator); Recording Secretary.
  • 1998-1999: Library Liaison (Co-ordinator); Recording Secretary; Department Postgraduate Seminar (Co-ordinator); Departmental Examination Board (1st semester); Departmental Postgraduate Studies Committee (1st semester).
  • 1999-2000: Department's Member to Advisory Committee; Department Exam Committee; Department Library Liaison; Departmental Meeting Secretary; Departmental Postgraduate Studies Committee; Departmental Postgraduate Seminar; Mentor for Year One Students; Co-ordinator for Visiting Chinese Scholar.
  • 2000-2001: Secretary of the RS Major Advisory Committee; Member of the Campus Christian Activities Committee; Member of the Departmental Library Liaison Committee; Departmental Meeting Secretary; Member of the Departmental Postgraduate Studies Committee.
  • 2001-2002: Departmental Meeting Secretary; Member of the Departmental Postgraduate Studies
  • 2002-2003: Departmental Meeting Secretary ; Member of the Departmental Postgraduate Admission Committee; Career and Alumni Coordinator
  • 2003-2004: Departmental Meeting Secretary; Career and Alumni Coordinator
  • 2004-2005: Departmental Meeting Secretary; Career and Alumni Coordinator
  • 2005-2006: Postgraduate Admission Committee; Fire Captain; Career and Alumni Coordinator
  • 2006-2007: Major Coordinator
  • 2007-2008: Acting Head
  • 2008-2009: Member of the Curriculum Committee; Representative to the Christian Activity Committee
  • 2009-2010: Member of the Curriculum Committee; Member of the Examination Committee; Coordinator of the Promotion/Publicity Committee; Associate Director, MALSE; Department representative to the Campus Christian Activities Committee
  • 2010-2011: Member of the Curriculum Committee; Member of the Examination Committee; Coordinator of the Promotion/Publicity Committee; Associate Director, MALSE; Department representative to the Campus Christian Activities Committee
4) Service for the Academic Community
  • I was a member of the organizing committee for the following conferences:
    「基督教價值與人文精神:歷史、對話與前瞻」國際學術會議,香港浸會大學中華基督宗教研究中心主辦,2003年9月11-13日。(I was the convener.)
    Coordinator of the Organizing Committee for the International Conference on "Contemporary Philosophy of Religion: Eastern & Western Contexts" (February 2009)
  • I was a member of the task force who worked on a proposal to set up a Center for Sino-Christian Studies (CSCS) in Baptist University. Since its set-up in July 2001, I have been the Research Project Co-ordinator of the Center. From 1 July 2004 to 30 June 2006, I am the Associate Director of the Center. I was its Acting Director from July 2005 to June 2006. I am also the Chief Editor of CSCS's newsletter.
  • CSCS has served the community of young mainland China scholars in the area of Christian studies by providing intensive post-doctoral classes for them. One was held in April 2004, and the other two were held in the summers of 2005 and 2006. I have helped in the organizing of these classes and have also taught in all of them.
  • Service for Academic Journals
    自1999年開始,我是《基督教文化學刊》的學術評審委員。 [此學刊由中國人民大學基督教文化研究所主辦、 教育服務機構(PESI)協辦、東方出版社和人民日報出版社出版。1999年創刊。]
  • My article on press freedom (新聞自由與傳媒監察:孰輕孰重?評論關於報業評議會的爭辯) has been used as the teaching material of one Hong Kong Open University's Course: SS211C Hong Kong Government and Politics (香港政府及政治). (March 2003)
  • I have successfully applied for a grant (HKD 200,000) from CWM/Nethersole Fund to sponsor a conference on "Christian Values, Globalization, and China" (the title later changed to "Christianity and Humanism"), to be held from April 22 to April 24, 2003. I am the chairman of the organizing committee for this conference.
  • I am the Chief Editor of CSCS's newsletter. Many issues of this newsletter contain a lot of academic content besides news about our activities.
  • 南京大學「創建世界高水平大學」(985工程) 學科建設項目──「現代西方哲學思潮研究」子項目,的專家評審團成員。
  • 清華大學道德與宗教研究中心研究員(2002年1月起)
  • External Examiner for the General Education Program of Lingnan University (2009-now)
  • External Examiner for the PHD thesis of Lam Che Kong ""Press Freedom & Its Limits: Philosophical Grounds for Press Regulation", Department of Politics, University of Hong Kong, Oct 2009
  • External Examiner for the PHD thesis of高? on the theology of work, Department of Cultural & Religious Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Nov 2009
5) Service for the Wider Community of Hong Kong
  • Besides publishing academic and popular writings on the issue of pornography, I have been actively involved in activities which helped to arouse the public's concern for the influence of pornography on the youth and the society:
    - I have initiated and helped in a survey of the impact of the newspaper pornography on secondary school students. The results were announced to the media in February 1997. I was then interviewed by two radio stations and the Hong Kong Standard on this problem.
    - I have compiled a Teaching Kit on "How to Understand and Face Pornographic Culture." This fills the gap of the lack of materials for sex education in schools. I had also held a training course for the teachers and youth workers in this area.
    - I have spoken on pornography and sexual values on numerous occasions in schools and churches.
    - I was invited by the Police Cadet School to lecture on "Pornography and the Culture of Hong Kong" to police officers who are being trained to be ICs of police station.
    - 就著政府在2000年4月19日發表的《保護青少年免受淫褻及不雅物品荼毒》諮詢文件,我向政府呈交了詳細的回應文章。
    - On May 17, 2002, I attended and submitted a statement to a consultative meeting in the LegCo concerning the bill over child pornography (兒童色情物品法).
    - 我出席了立法會資訊科技及廣播事務委員會特別會議,2000年6月20日,就《淫褻及不雅物品管制條例》的政策建議,政府與關注團體會晤。
  • I have also been actively involved in the public debate over the role of the media:
    - I attended the LegCo Panel on Home Affairs, Special meeting to discuss the professional ethics of journalists and improper reporting by the media, 25 November 1998, 9am in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building.
    - 我是以下論壇的講員之一:「誰掌管公眾利益?傳媒文化與道德價值」論壇,嶺南學院,1998年12月15日。
    - Submission of a full paper [關啟文,〈新聞自由與傳媒監察:孰輕孰重?--評論關於報業評議會的爭辯〉(9,000 words)] to the Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong as a response to the Consultation Paper on "The Regulation of Media Intrusion" in December 1999.
    - From September 2002 to February 2003, I serve as a guest presenter in the phone-in program (自由風,自由phone) at Radio HK I every Wednesday from 5 pm to 6 pm (sometimes from 5-8 pm). This program allows the presenters and the general public to discuss current affairs in Hong Kong. This kind of channel for public opinions to be expressed is important for a democratic society.
    - I have written many articles in local newspapers, Christian journals and magazines to discuss contemporary socio-ethical issues, hence contributing to rational discussion in our civil society. For example, in view of the crisis of family in Hong Kong, I have tried to arouse others to recognize the importance of family values.
    - 我出席了立法會特別會議(2003年6月10日),就《2003年博彩稅(修訂)條例草案》(Betting Duty (Amendment) Bill 2003) 發表意見。
6) Writings in More Popular Publication

關啟文,〈Stephen Hawking與科學決定論〉,《時代論壇》,1994年4月3日。
關啟文,〈Viktor Frankl 與意義的追尋〉,《時代論壇》,1994年4月10日。
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<Comments:> although the above articles are published in more or less popular publications, many of them contain serious and substantial academic discussions, from 6,000 words up to 10,000 words.
The above writings reflect my conviction that scholars should not just write for other professional scholars, but also for a wider audience and the general public. Writing in newspapers, Christian journals, magazines, etc., I have addressed the undergraduate students, the church, and the public with a purpose to stimulate reflections on religion, ethical problems, socio-political issues and the meaning of life.

7) Institutional Committees/Boards
  • I was the founding member and coordinator of the Alliance of Christian Groups for Decency.
  • I am the founding member and a member of the Board of Directors of the Society for Truth and Light (明光社) which is formed in June 1997 for promotion of a more wholesome culture in Hong Kong.
  • I am the founder and chairman of the Hong Kong Sex Culture Society.

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