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Dr. Kwok, Wai Luen


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 I. Education
  • PhD. in Theology, King’s College London
  • MSocSc in Counselling, City University of Hong Kong
  • Th.M. in Chinese Church History, Alliance Bible Seminary, Hong Kong
  • M.Div., major in Christianity and Chinese Culture, Alliance Bible Seminary, Hong Kong
  • Higher Diploma in Public and Social Administration, City University of Hong Kong
 II. Career
  • 2006 - 2012 Assistant Professor of Theology, and Director of Christianity and Chinese Culture Research Centre, Alliance Bible Seminary
  • 1999 - 2002 Assistant Research Officer, Chinese Culture Research Centre, China Graduate School of Theology
  • 1997 - 1999 Assistant Lecturer of Department of Theology, and Editor of Publication Department, Alliance Bible Seminary
  • 1990 Research Assistant, Department of Public and Social Administration, City University of Hong Kong

 III. Course Taught
  • REL3410 Theology and Sex in the Chinese Societies
  • REL3260 Chinese Christianity
  • GCVM1046 Moral Challenges in Chinese Popular Culture
  • GCVM1055 Real Sex, Naked Truth: Christian Values in Changing Chinese Societies
 IV. Research Interests

Chinese Christianity, Narrative Theology, Theological Hermeneutics, and Christian Doctrine


 V. Publications
  • Advocating Separatism? Chia Yu-ming, Fundamentalists and their Difficulties in Chinese Church Union Movement . Hong Kong: Tien Dao Publication House. (In Chinese)

Selected Refereed Journal Articles/Book Chapters

  • “The Christ-human and Jia Yuming’s doctrine of sanctification: A case study in the Confucianization of Chinese fundamentalist Christianity”. Studies in World Christianity 20.2 (2014): 145-165. (A&HCI Indexed Journal)
  • “Divine Reality and Postmodern Linguistic Turn: A Comparison of Kevin Vanhoozer and George Lindbeck”. Jian Dao 42 (July 2014): 213-231. (In Chinese, ATLA Indexed Journal)
  • “Jia Yuming’s Doctrine of Sanctification and the Confucian Nurturing Doctrine of Xin (Heart-Mind).” Sino-Christian Studies: An International Journal of Bible, Theology & Philosophy 17 (June 2014): 75-110. (In Chinese, A&HCI Indexed Journal)
  • China Interior Evangelistic Society and the Regional Interaction of Chinese Churches. Jian Dao 39 (Jan. 2013): 2 13- 23 1. (In Chinese)
  • Word, Event and Communion: Trinity in Robert Jenson and Eberhard Jungels thought as seen in their interpretation of Barth. Sino-Christian Studies: An International Journal of Bible, Theology & Philosophy 14 (Dec. 2012): 27-58. (A&HCI Indexed Journal)
  • Integrity and Harmony: A Discussion of Religious Harmony for Christianity and Islam in China from the Past Experience of Religious Exchange in the West. In Y. C. Lau and L. Lin ed. The Amalgamation of Civilizations. Hong Kong: Alliance Bible Seminary, 2012. 229-242. (In Chinese)
  • 궈웨이롄(저), 이혜원(역):<중국신학의어제와오늘>,《기독교사상》 Vol.638 (2012.2): 28-49. (In Korean: “Chinese Theology: The Past and the Present.” Translated by Li Waiyuan. Christian Thought 638 [2012.2]: 28-49. )
  • Y.T. Wu and Christian Students. In F. T. Ying ed. Abiding Faith for a Nation in Crisis: Y. T. Wu and Twentieth-Century Chinese Christianity. Hong Kong: Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion and Culture, Chung Chi College, CUHK, 2011. (In Chinese)
  • Social Change, Church, and Student Evangelism in Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945. Jian Dao 35 (Jan. 2011): 153-184. (In Chinese)
  • The Economic Contributions of the 18th Century English Non-conformist Christians. Study of Christianity 13 (2010): 69-88. (In Chinese)
  • Church and Social Change: A Study on Church-State Relationship of the 18th Century English Church. Study of Christianity 12 (2009): 209-222. (In Chinese)
  • The Healing of Modern Society: Church and Civil Society. Jian Dao 31 (Jan. 2009): 83-104. (In Chinese)
  • Keeping Tradition and Introducing Innovation: David Adeneys Student Ministry as a Case for Studying the Interaction and Changes of Hong Kong Church and Society. Jian Dao 32 (July 2009): 123-152. (In Chinese)
  • The Social Life of the Hui Ethnic Group and Christians in the Late Ming Dynasty. Jian Dao 32 (July 2009): 153-179. (In Chinese)
  • Eberhard Jungel on Barths Theology of Trinitarian Revelation and Analogy of Faith: An Analysis of its Theological Implication. Jian Dao 30 (July 2008): 39-72. (In Chinese)
  • The Relation of Narrative, History, and the Triune Reality: A Preliminary Investigation of Robert W. Jensons Doctrine of the Trinity. Jian Dao 29 (Jan. 2008): 175-198. (In Chinese)
  • Sacred and Natural: Colin Guntons Theology of Nature. In S. M. Chiu ed. Theology of Colin E. Gunton. Hong Kong: Logos, 2007. (In Chinese)
  • Identity and Social Participation of Hong Kong Young Evangelicals in 1970's. Jian Dao 19 (Jan. 2003), 95-120. (In Chinese)
  • Salvation and Life: A Reflection on Chia Yu Ming's Christocentric Theology. CGST Journal 34 (Jan. 2003), 55-93. (In Chinese)
  • The History of Hong Kong Young Evangelicals' Social Participation in 1970's. CGST Journal 32 (Jan. 2002), 145-188. (In Chinese)
  • Social Participation of Hong Kong Protestant Church in the Early Eighties: An Analysis of the Conviction. CGST Journal 30 (Jan. 2001), 13-52. (In Chinese)
  • Western Theologies and Chinese Context: A Methodological Reconsideration and Response to Cobb, Pannenberg, Hauerwas and Contemporary Chinese Context. CGST Journal 28 (Jan. 2000), 143-173. (In Chinese)
  • Pannenberg on the Question of Truth: Hermeneutic Perspective. Jian Dao 11 (Jan. 1999), 81-104. (In Chinese)
  • Spiritualisation and Interpretation: A Study on Y. M. Jia's Hermeneutics. Jian Dao 7 (Jan. 1997), 191-235. (In Chinese)

Book Reviews

  • Review on A Passion for Fullness Examining the Woman's Identity and Roles from Biblical, Historical and Sociological Perspectives by Cecilia Yau, Dora Wong and Lily Lee. CGST Journal 31 (July 2001), 167-171. (In Chinese)
  • Review on the Hermeneutical Spiral: A Comprehensive Introduction to Biblical Interpretation by Grant Osborne. Logos-in-Text 13 (March 2000), 16-17. (In Chinese)
  • Review on Spokesman of Contemporary Chinese Christianity: Collection of Bishop K. H. Ting's Essays by K. H. Ting. Christian Times 608 & 609 (25 April 1999 & 2 May 1999). (In Chinese)
  • Review on Basic Faith and Life Abundant by Arnold M. Yeung. Logos-in-Text (April 1998), 10-11. (In Chinese)

Rejoinder, Short Studies

  • A Rejoinder to P. C. Lai. CGST Journal 29 (July 2000), 221-225. (In Chinese)
 VI. Research Grant/Award/Professional Service
  • General Research Fund, 2014/15-2016/17. Project Title: “The concept of social justice in the periodicals of foreign religions in China, 1911-1949: Protestant Christianity and Islam”.
  • Executive Committee Member, The Society for the Study of the History of Christianity in China
  • Member of the board of directors, Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion and Culture, Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Member of the board of directors, the Langham Foundation, Hong Kong
  • M ember of the Theological and Current Affairs Committee of The Christian and Missionary Alliance Church Union of Hong Kong
  • M ember of the Church History and Archive Committee of The Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union

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