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Prof. LO Ping Cheung


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After graduating from the National Taiwan University, Major in Philosophy, I spent 10 years in the U.S.A. as a postgraduate student. I studied very hard and earned two Ph.D. degrees, first in Philosophy (State University of New York) and then in Religious Studies (Yale University). My research areas are in applied ethics and religious ethics.

I continue to have an intellectual curiosity in many things and have a personal collection of more than 15,000 books. I am not a book worm, though, and enjoy family time each evening, watch HD DVD before going to bed, and love western classical music and swimming.

I especially enjoy teaching students, regardless of their past success or failure in public examinations, who have an intense intellectual curiosity, and who believe that learning can change one's destiny.

I published several ethics books which were used as textbooks for F.6 Ethics class, such as 《繁星與道德》、《生死男女》、《黑白分明》

Undergraduate courses taught include: Contemporary Moral Problems, Applied Ethics, Medical Ethics, Introduction to Christianity and Civilizations, Christian Social Thought, etc.


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